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Top 5 Best Gmail to PDF Converter in 2022

Need to save multiple emails as a PDF document file and look for the Gmail to PDF converter to do it? Then this article is for you. you will find the best 5 Gmail to PDF converter in this blog. 

When we think about the webmail services, the first thing that comes to our mind is Gmail. Every common user, from businessmen to beginners, everyone uses Google’s Gmail account to communicate from one user to another user. Gmail allows users to archive all of the emails they receive. However, sometimes it is safer to keep important information off the internet. 

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Before we start discussing the best software to batch convert Gmail to PDF, first we will discuss the benefits of PDF and why we should save it as a PDF.

Benefits of PDF (Portable document format)

  • Gmail stores all emails in a cloud server. But when users require some crucial emails then PDF will be a good option to access all emails at a time.
  • PDF files are cross-platform compatible, making them one of the most widely used file formats for document storage. 
  • PDF files are easily accessible on almost all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X as well as on a variety of devices, including laptops, mobile phones, tablets, desktops, etc.
  • It can be easily accessed by anyone without internet connectivity and also a portable document that can be carried anywhere for multiple purposes.

Top 5 Best Gmail to PDF Converter for windows 

Let’s discuss how you can easily convert Gmail to PDF using the top 5 best Gmail to PDF converter.

#1. Advik Gmail to PDF Converter

gmail to pdf

Advik Gmail to PDF Converter is an amazing software which allows users to convert Gmail emails to PDF in no time. you do not need to save PDF files again and again. It is a proficient tool which allows users to download all emails from Gmail as PDF. It also provides advanced filter Option to enhance your backup process.

#2. Xtraxtor

best gmail to pdf converter

Xtraxtor is a stand-alone solution that converts, migrates, extracts & backup emails. The best part of this tool is it easily converts emails from web, desktop client, email server & email files to PDF. The friendly user interface is accessible for both technical and non-technical users. 

#3. Yota Gmail Converter

email to pdf converter

This wizard is an all-in-one solution for the users looking for an easy and simple method to download, convert and move their data. The software has a user – friendly interface that makes the conversion process easy and simple.  It allows you to easily convert various emails in multiple formats like PST, EML,MSG, MBOX, OLM, OFT, DBX and PDF. It only takes a few minutes to provide accurate results.

#4. Gmail Converter

gmail to pdf converter

With using this tool, converting Gmail to PDF is not anymore a difficult task for you. Gmail converter is an ideal solution for business as well as for professional users. it can easily convert your Gmail emails to 15+ file formats without losing attachments. The most desirable PDF format is also available in this tool. Using this software, you can convert multiple emails from Gmail in bulk.

#5. Mail Backup Tool

best gmail to pdf converter

Mail Backup tool is an advanced email solution that helps users to download emails from various web, desktop client, email server & email files such as Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, Yahoo Mail,, Yandex Mail, and many more. then convert it in 15+ useful file formats. with this tool you can easily convert Gmail emails to PDF.

Final Words

Here, this was the list of the top 5 best Gmail to PDF converters in 2022. Now it is your turn to analyze which is the best. It can vary from user to user depending on their needs and requirements. However, when making any comparison between these tools, you should go for the Advik Gmail to PDF Converter, which is an effective and efficient solution that converts your Gmail emails to PDF easily.

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