How to Print Apple Mail Email to PDF Document Directly?

Several users do want to export Apple Mail to PDF, there may be a need to save their emails to a PDF file, or there may be a need to handle the data or report, etc. There are several reasons to print emails from Apple Mail to PDF with differing situations from user to user. So, we’re not talking about your response for exporting emails from Mac Mail to PDF, we’re talking about how you can convert emails from Apple Mail to PDF. From the beginning, let’s start!

More About Apple Mail and PDF

The Mac Operating System provides an Apple mail or Mac mail email client. This is one of the email programs that Mac users prefer most. It is the default Mac email program, so this application is used for email communication for any Mac user. It uses a reliable platform file to store email data and you need a particular type of program to access data from this file.

PDF format is the best document format to store data securely. It is an easy way to present reports and to share them. The user needs to export Mac Mail to PDF for their requirements, but the user doesn’t know how to export Mac Mail to PDF in bulk. Therefore, we have the best methods for evaluating this task here. 

Direct Method to Print Apple Mail to PDF Format

If you have searched a lot and got different solutions online, and most of the solutions might ask you to export Apple Mail to MBOX format first and then convert those mailboxes to PDF. Or you might have got the solution to export Apple Mail emails to PDF one by one using the email service itself. Well both the solutions are a daunting task to complete. Therefore, my suggestion is to get an independent application and convert the files directly to PDF format. The tool is Apple Mail Converter by MacUncle. 

A trustworthy brand for Mac users, who are seeking for a solution to convert different email files to different file extensions. Get the tool to convert Apple Mail to PDF including the attached documents. The conversion process is very simple and provides the exact result that you are looking for.

For testing the tool go for the Demo version and convert 25 email files from Apple Mail to PDF document. In the next section, I will give the steps to export Apple Emails to PDF format in the simplest form.

Procedure to Save Mac Mail in PDF

You can conveniently convert Mac Mail to PDF files in bulk with this program without any data loss. It is very easy to work with the tool, which can be operated by technical and non-technical users. To save or print emails from Apple Mail to PDF, you need to take a few steps.

Here are the steps to convert Apple Mail to PDF Format:

  • Start the tool and add the Apple Mail file Manually to select the auto inserting button application.
  • Then press the Next button the tool scans the files and loads them in the software panel. From there select the required Email messages. 
print apple mail to pdf
  • Then again press Next and select PDF format and destination location to store the PDF document.
  • Finally, press Export to start Apple Mail to PDF conversion. 

There you are, now you can easily print out the Apple Mail email to PDF document directly.

Wrapping Up

Often, in batch mode, users face difficulty converting Apple Mail to PDF files. We have therefore provided solutions for users searching for ways to export Apple Mail emails to a PDF format directly.

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