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Top 5 Best G Suite Migration Tool – Migrate G Suite Email Easily

Migrate Email From G Suite to Another Platform

Are you looking for G Suite migration tool? If Yes, then you are in the right place. This article will help you to provide two best G Suite Migration tool to transfer G Suite email to another account. In this article, we have listed the top 5 Software in 2019 used for the migration of G Suite Emails.

G Suite is the business Google Apps account. It is used for mailing and storage purposes by most of the users. But, sometimes users like to check out other Cloud platforms also like Office 365. As G Suite doesn’t provide a service for its users to migrate their account data to a different platform, it becomes necessary for users to find a tool that can migrate their email from one G Suite account to another account on a different platform.

There are multiple G Suite Migration Software available in the market and it will be hard to try each of them. So we come up with the top 5 best G Suite Migration Tool in 2019. Below are the list of Software to Migrate G Suite Emails

Top 5 Best G Suite Migration Tool of 2019

#1 SysTools G Suite Migration Tool

This is one of the leading G Suite Migration tool which help you to migrate G Suite email to a different platform. It is unique, all in one migration tool, which helps you to directly migrate G Suite email to a different platform such as G Suite, Office 365, Onedrive, etc. The tool is available for free to download and provides various exceptional features for effortless migration.

#2 Advik G Suite Email Migration Tool

Advik is one of the most growing brands. It provides a perfect solution for migrating G Suite emails to multiple formats. This tool is safe and secure to use and the conversion process is quite easy. No technical knowledge is required during the migration process. This tool allows to Save G Suite email in PST, EML, EMLX, MSG and other popular formats.

#3 Cloudm

Cloudm is a leading brand in cloud migration. It provides different service options for each type of migration. You need to select the destination and it will provide you the option to migration. This company provides you the migration service over the web only.

#4 Data Migration Service

Data Migration Service is an application tool by Google to help its users to migrate G Suite email to another G Suite Account. It only performs G Suite to G Suite migration.

#5 Cloudiway

Cloudiway is another cloud platform migration service provider that gives you the option to transfer G Suite email to another platform. This company also provide migration over the web service. You need to register your G Suite account to test the service provided by the company.

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