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Top 5 Best SharePoint Migration Tool of 2019 (Windows)

Migrate data from one SharePoint site to another SharePoint site

Look for best SharePoint Migration Tool?Then had landed on a right page. This article will guide you to transfer SharePoint date to another SharePoint site. including list, document folders etc.

SharePoint is a collaborative software that integrate with Office 365. You can install SharePoint as On premise or as Online. Mainly it is used for document management and storage system. SharePoint was first launched in 2001.

There can be many reasons for SharePoint Migration. If you want to migrate from One SharePoint to another SharePoint then we had listed 3 best SharePoint Migration tool for you. so that you can easily transfer your SharePoint data

Best SharePoint Migration Tool for Windows (2019)

1. SysTools SharePoint Migration Tool

best SharePoint Migration tool

Systools is a renowned brand in data recovery and migration. This program is widely used to to migrate data from one SharePoint site to another SharePoint site. It offers both On Premise SharePoint as well as Online Share Point Migration. The user interface of the tool is very simple and working of the tool is very smooth. This software is loaded with many features. Some of the highlighted features of this Office 365 SharePoint Migration Software are as follows;

  • Effortless SharePoint to SharePoint Migration
  • Transfers Document Library with version History
  • Shows Complete Progress Report
  • Map permission settings from source account to destination account
  • Advanced Data Filter Option

The list of these features are endless which makes it as the best Office 365 SharePoint Migration tool in a digital world.


2. SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT)

best SharePoint Migration tool

SharePoint Migration Tool is a free tool to migrate data from one Share Point to another SharePoint account. The user interface of this tool is a little bit complicated. You need to be technical expert to operate this software. The process of migration using SPMT is a quite difficult task. For step by step guide to migrate SharePoint data you can visit >>

3. Kernel Migrator for SharePoint

Kernel Office 365 SharePoint migration wizard is also one of the best SharePoint Migration tool available on Web. Using this tool user can easily migrate their SharePoint data from one account to another account. this software performs Pre-migration Analysis to Eliminate All Risks which helps in knowing whether content migrated or not in the destination server.

However you won’t able to download the software instantly. You need to submit a request to download.

Final Words

The above list of Best SharePoint Migration Tool is tested by us on the basis of performance and accuracy of data. All the software listed above successfully Migrated SharePoint data from one account to another account. Download and install the best one which suits you in your Migration.

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