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How to Import OLM to Gmail Account without Mac?

Best way to import OLM emails to Gmail, OLM contacts to Gmail, OLM calendar to Gmail

Are you having trouble while uploading OLM file into Gmail account? If yes, then in this article you will learn to Import OLM to Gmail account in an easy manner. This article is for newbies. Anyone with basic knowledge of computer can be able to transfer emails from OLM to Gmail.

Before starting this discussion let’s take a look at OLM and Gmail…

OLM file stands for Outlook for Mac. This file format is used to store multiple emails, attachments, contacts, calendar, tasks, events, etc. OLM file came into existence with the introduction of Outlook For Mac. This file can only be accessed in Mac version of Outlook.

On the other hand, Gmail is free web-mail email service offered by Google. You can access Gmail on we, by IMAP, or by POP3. At initial stage, Gmail provided the storage of 1 GB per user and today this service comes with a storage of 15 GB per user.

Gmail does not provide any official solution to export emails from OLM to Gmail. You need to use third-party program to upload OLM to Gmail. For this task, I would like to suggest you to use Advik OLM to Gmail Import Tool. This software has the simplest user interface, so that anyone can easily operate this software.

Steps to Import OLM to Gmail Account

Step 1. Launch Advik OLM to Gmail import tool.

olm to gmail

Step 2. Add OLM file in the software.

transfer olm to gmail

Step 3. Enter Gmail Login credentials, where you want to Upload OLM file.

Import olm to gmail

Step 4. Hit the convert button and analyze the process.

Upload olm to gmail

This is how you can easily Import OLM to Gmail account.

Reasons to choose Advik Software.

There are many reasons to opt for Advik OLM to Gmail Wizard. Some of them are as follows;

Import OLM Contacts and Calendar: Apart from email data you can use this tool to import OLM Contacts to Gmail as wee as you can also import OLM Calendar to Gmail using this tool.

Maintain Folder Structure: The folder and sub-folder structure of email remains same during the process of upload. So that you can easily navigate your emails after migration.

Preserve Key Elements: All the key elements of emails such as “To”, “From”, “Cc”, “Bcc”, “Hyperlinks”, “Embed images”, “Date and Time stamp”, etc. remains same.

Batch Upload: You can upload bulk OLM to Gmail as well as in G Suite account using this tool. Which helps you in saving your lots of time and efforts.

Free Demo Download: You can use Advik Software for free to check the working and efficiency of the tool. In order to download the free version of this tool hit the download at the bottom of this article.

Some of the queries that can be solved using this article;

“How can I Import OLM Contacts to Gmail account?”
“Suggest me the best tool to Upload OLM to Gmail?”
“How to Import OLM Calendar to Gmail in an easy manner?”
“What is the process to Import OLM  to Gmail Account?”

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