How to Unlock PST File – Step by Step Instructions with Screenshots

In this article, I will tell you how to unlock PST file. But before we start with our article lets know about what is PST file, How its gets lock What are the problem we face.

PST File is a personal storage file. It can be used only by a single user. It has storage of 2 GB. It is an open proprietary file format. It also helps you to keep the backup of emails.

The Situations Responsible to Unlock PST File

  1. Whenever you have worked last on outlook you have not terminated it properly.
  2. It is also possible that even if you have closed your outlook, it is working in the background.

We can fix the above error by unlocking the PST file. Now let’s discuss the main agenda of this article that how can we unlock PST file. We can do this by the manual method.

Manual Method to Unlock PST File

Step1) Open your MS Outlook, Go to account setting than from that option again choose account setting.

Step 2) Click on the data file, Choose the path for PST file. Then click on settings.

Retrieve Lost Password of PST File

Step 3) Window with name outlook data file will appear. In that window click on change password.

unlock pst file

Step 4) Change the password and click on OK.

retrieve lost PST password


Step 1) Close Microsoft Outlook application.

Step 2) Now find the location of scanpst.exe from the location which comes as the pre-installed utility with MS Outlook.

Step 3) Run it and then click on Repair.

Step 4) Open the command prompt. Go to Start Window Key. Click on run.

Step 5) Copy paste the PST path to command prompt.

Step 6) Above step will generate a PST file for you which will be represented as “abx.psx”.

Step 7) Rename it with your old PST file.

Step 8) Now enter the file name in a command prompt.

Step 9) Password free PST file has been made.

Automated Solution to Unlock PST File

Although the above discussed manual method will help you to unlock PST file, there might be a situation where the manual method does not work and even more manual method require some technical knowledge. In such a case, I will suggest you to use a third party tool to unlock PST file. There are many third party software available in the market to do so. The PST Unlocker Tool is one of them. It is cost effective and best as it can be used not only to unlock easy password but also for the complex password. It is user-friendly and fast.


I have mentioned the different ways to unlock PST file. You can utilize any of these methods which are suitable for you. Thanks for reading this blog.

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