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How to Fix ‘Hard Drive is Not Showing in Windows 10’ Problem

Hard-drive is the most crucial part of a computer, it contains the storage media, important documents and boot up files. If the hard drive gets damaged or corrupt then the system fails to boot up. In many cases, if it affected by any virus it shows error message ‘Hard drive not recognised’. There could be several reasons, if a new drive is attached to the system, it may fail as it is not initiated. Check the steps to attach the drive and retrieve data from Old hard disk in Windows 10 

Fixing hard-drive is a complex task as the error is unknown. Moreover, it involves the risk of data loss. So it is necessary to know the reason for hard- disk failure and looking for solutions. Here are some possible causes and solution to fix ‘Hard Drive Not Recognised’ error in Windows.

If Hard Drive is Not Showing Up in Windows

In many cases, the hard drive is not visible when the computer is switched on. When clicking on ‘My Computer’ in window 7/8 or ‘This PC’ in windows 10 the drives do not show up, then there must be some problem with drivers

  • Go to desktop and right click on Computer icon and click on Properties
  • A new window will open, click on Device Manager in the left pane
  • Else, go to start and type ‘Device Manager’ in the search bar
  • Go to USB Drive controllers and right click on it
  • Select the option ‘Update Drivers’
  • A new window will open select the option ‘Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software’
  • It will look for driver, download and install the disk driver
  • Restart your computer and the error will be resolved
  • You can now see the hard disk drive in My computer section

This error generally encounters, if you have updated the system but the drivers are not upgraded to use the same version of windows. Thus you need to update the drivers to run the system

hard drive not showing

Fix New Hard Drive Not Detected by PC

Imagine a situation where your old drive gets corrupted, damaged and it can be used any further. So, you replace it with a new one, but wait the computer is showing ‘Drive not recognised’. It’s really a frustrating situation and you directly complain to the technician. But the error may be because it was not initiated.

Solve New Drive Not Recognised in Windows 10

  • Ensure that the SATA cable is attached to the drive and motherboard
  • Also, check Power Cable is attached to New drive, or ask the technician to do so
  • Now restart the computer
  • Go to Start menu and type disk management
  • The disk management window will open
  • The new drive will be labelled as ‘Unknown’
  • Right click on the disk and select ‘Initialize Disk’
  • Select the partition style as GPT and click OK
  • Later you can create the partition as required.

So, in this way you can resolve the ‘Disk Not Recognised’ error in Windows 10.

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