Hire Outlook PST Splitter Tool Rather Than Manually Fragmenting PST

There are times when the ANSI formatting of the Outlook PST becomes havoc in the users’ life because the file size limitation of the ANSI format PST is just 2 GB and crossing which might corrupt the entire components of the PST file format. Hence, in such situations, the users are suggested to use a reliable Outlook PST splitter program in order to fragment a bulky sized PST file so that they can avoid the corruption from damaging the database. But it is also suggested that the users must not use any built-in programs that come along with Outlook application for dissevering the PST files because they are not at all reliable and might further more damaged or modify the PST database rather than resolving its problems.

Keep a Check on PST Size and Avoid Corruption

The users must keep a check on the PST file size in order to avoid the arriving corruption in the Outlook database. And the checking of file size can be done by following the cited ways:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook application
  2. The left panel in the Outlook application will display the mailboxes configured on the Outlook; choose yours
  3. Right clicking on the desired mailbox will let you explore the Properties selecting which will display a dialog box
  4. Click on the option “Folder Size” option which shows a wizard that will display the file size of the selected PST mailbox
  5. Now click on “Close” in order to terminate the procedure after checking the file size and click on OK in the Properties wizard

Modes to Split PST File from Its Bulky Size

Upgrade PST: Upgrading the PST mailbox from ANSI formatting to Unicode formatting by installing a new Outlook version or using a third party tool is quite helpful in such scenarios where the over sizing of the PST mailbox becomes a threat for the data stored in it.

Use Inbuilt: The built-in programs like pst2gb application that comes along with the Outlook application allows the users to fragment their huge sized PST file into smaller parts so that the burden can be shed off from one PST mailbox to several such smaller mailboxes.

Manual Procedure: Manually delete the undesired PST database that has been occupying the unnecessary amount of space in your Outlook PST mailbox which can be used for the storage of other essential data.

Best Way Out, Outlook PST Splitter Tool

You can use an Outlook PST splitter application program in order to dissever your PST file from its burden like the Split PST application program easily available in the software market for the safe and sound fragmentation of the PST. The integrity of data is preserved in exact form. Moreover, Outlook PST Splitter Tool is operable on all Windows OS.

Final Words

Most of the time it is important for the users to split PST file in a way to manage Outlook large size data file. Therefore, we have suggested for Outlook PST splitter tool to execute for the PST splitting process.

For more details visit – https://www.onetimesoft.com/blog/split-large-pst-files/


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